Let's treasure our planet:the value of paper

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  • 作者:Chong Yew Foon原作
  • 出版年:2003
  • 出版社:合力出版(马)
  • 出版地:Kuala Lumpur
  • ISBN:9782220142319 ; 9810451784




Don't you want to live in a clean and beautiful place? If the answer is yes, let us keep Earth clean to ensure our good health.


  • Hen and Squirrel are classmates.(第4頁)
  • Hen does not waste paper.(第5頁)
  • She always advises her friend to use paper wisely.(第6頁)
  • Hen will not throw away any paper unless it cannot be used anymore.(第7頁)
  • "Hen, why are you always trying to save paper that is no longer useful?" asked Squirrel.(第8頁)
  • "Who says that paper is useless? Paper is made from trees of high quality," explained Hen.(第9頁)
  • "A lot of trees are cut down to produce paper."(第10頁)
  • "A lot of money and labour are also needed to produce paper."(第11頁)
  • "Using modern technology, an area the size of a football field covered in trees can be cleared in just one minte."(第12頁)
  • "But, it take a much longer time for the trees to grow. I am worried that there will be no trees left," said Hen sadly.(第13頁)
  • "So by saving on the use of paper, we are indirectly saving the trees from being fell," continued Hen.(第14頁)
  • Squirrel is ashamed after listening to Hen's explanation.(第15頁)
  • Squirrel stops wasting paper. He makes full use of paper.(第16頁)
  • Squirrel also sends his old newspaper and magazines to Bear for recycling.(第17頁)
  • A Note From Squirrel(第18頁)