Smileytooth and Plaque Attack

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  • 作者:by Dr. James Gary Nelson;Illustrations by Debbie B
  • 出版年:2008
  • 出版社:Guardian Angel Publishing
  • 出版地:Saint Louis, Mo.
  • ISBN:978-1-935137-49-8 ; 1-935137-49-2




Smileytooth has had many adventures, but one of the most exciting is Smileytooth and the Plaque Attack. Plaque, a messy monster who likes to make holes in teeth, and his Cavity Gang are in trouble when Smileytooth and his good policemen friends catch Plaque in the act and send him off to jail. Join in the fun when reading this good dental hygiene storybook! What an entertaining and educational book about the importance of a healthy smile. Introduce your child to dentistry in a fun and easy way!--Jade Miller, D.D.S. Pediatric Dentist