Learn to count one to ten

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  • 作者:Written & Illustrated by Eugene Ruble
  • 出版年:2008
  • 出版社:Guardian Angel Publishing
  • 出版地:Saint Louis, Mo.
  • ISBN:978-1-935137-36-8 ; 1-935137-36-0




Can you find ONE yellow dot?
Where are TWO kissing fish?
Can you find ONE blue bird?
Find ONE mosquito on a post.
Where is a duck hood ornament?
Can you find THREE hearts?
Where are the FOUR dancing dogs?
Can you find ONE red hat?
Find the page with TWO yellow stars.
Where did the airplane wheel fall off?
Where are FIVE balls?
Can you find SEVEN red & white hearts?
Find ONE pink drum and ONE worm.
Where are FOUR balancing balls?
Where is a page with SIX red flowers?
Can you find a frog with FIVE teeth?
Can you find a sun with sunglasses?
Where is a red striped tie?
How many flags are on the yellow big top tent?
How many red flowers can you find?
How many red spots are on the bee’s face?
How many bow ties can you find?
How many green stripes are on the barking bee?
How many smiling flowers can you find?
How many balloons can you find?
How many lady bugs are there?
How many purple stripes are on the purple ball?