The Dodo Bird And The Calvaria Tree

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  • 作者:Chong Yew Foon[原作];合力出版有限公司[编辑]
  • 出版年:2003
  • 出版社:Young Scientists Enterprise 合力出版有限公司
  • 出版地:Kuala Lumpur
  • ISBN:9789810451745 ; 9810451741




Don't you want to live in a clean and beautiful place? If the answer is yes, let us keep Earth clean to ensure our good health.


  • The Dodo Bird And The Calvaria Tree(第3頁)
  • The lsland of Mauritius is situated to the easf of Africa.(第4頁)
  • There used to be many calvaria frees and dodo birds on the lsland of Maurifius.(第5頁)
  • After undergoing the process of digestion in the bird's stomach.(第6頁)
  • so wherever there were dodo birds.(第7頁)
  • During that time.(第8頁)
  • Later when men landed on the island.(第9頁)
  • The dodo birds also became prey to the dogs and monkeys that were brought onto the island by men.(第10頁)
  • The extinction of the dodo birds also led to the near extinction of the calvaria trees.(第11頁)
  • Botanists were worried and they tried finding ways to overcome this problem.(第12頁)
  • They fed turkeys with peeled calvaria fruit.(第13頁)
  • Droppings from furkeys containing seeds of the calvaria fruit were planted.(第14頁)
  • The calvaria frees can no longer reproduce naturally.(第15頁)
  • Botanists also tried to find the dodo birds but were not successful !(第16頁)
  • Now, we can only see stuffed dodo birds in some museums.(第17頁)
  • A Note From Dodo Bird(第18頁)