I Did Not Ask For It

  • 点阅:107

  • 作者:Chong Yew Foon[原作];合力出版有限公司[编辑]
  • 出版年:2003
  • 出版社:Young Scientists Enterprise 合力出版有限公司
  • 出版地:Kuala Lumpur
  • ISBN:9789810451776 ; 9810451776




Don't you want to live in a clean and beautiful place? If the answer is yes, let us keep Earth clean to ensure our good health.


  • I Did Not Ast Forlt(第3頁)
  • Today is Polystyrenes bithday.(第4頁)
  • It is liked by many because it is clean,(第5頁)
  • Polystyrene will be thrown into a rubbish bin after it is used.(第6頁)
  • However, Polystyrene does not break up naturally.(第7頁)
  • River does not like it too because Polystyrene blocks the flow of water.(第8頁)
  • it produces poisonous gases when it is burnt.(第9頁)
  • Polystyrene does not understand why bottles.(第10頁)
  • This is because they are to be sent to the factories to be recycled.(第11頁)
  • in this way.(第12頁)
  • Polystyrene is sad.(第13頁)
  • Don't use me anymore !(第14頁)
  • If people want to use me.(第15頁)
  • Polystyrene wants to be useful too.(第16頁)
  • Polystyrene has a special bin for itseif.(第17頁)
  • A Note From Recycle Bin(第18頁)